Are you the type of person that gets nervous or fidgety when signing a contract with a real estate agent comes up? If you answered yes, most of us would have fallen into that category right along with you. Now we are here to put those fidgety nerves to rest.

re agnet selectionWhen contracting with The Shanna Day Team you are hiring more than just 1 agent for the job. And when you have a whole team of real estate professionals behind you, you will experience a brand new freedom in the real estate world.

Experience greater flexibility in scheduling, better research with faster answers regarding the real estate areas you are interested in, and greater negotiation power. Not to mention that our team of experts handles everything from Luxury Home Sales to Trustee Sales, Short Sales, Fix and Flips, & Investments. We have a lot of experience helping First Time Home Buyers, Move-Up Buyers and/or Sellers, Decorating, Lots/Land & Development, and everything in-between.

So give those fidgety nerves time off and contract with The Shanna Day Team! We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Still wondering why you should contract with the Shanna Day Team to list your home?

  • Shanna Day, Mega Team Leader/Rainmaker is in the top 2% of all agents in the MLS (43,000 active agents)
  • The Shanna Day Team serves all of the Greater Phoenix area as well as all of the Greater Salt Lake City & Park City, Utah areas.
  • The Shanna Day Teams advertising can be found on thousands of websites, blogs, social media sites and press releases simultaneously.
  • Through our extensive database, we are in constant communication with thousands of buyers and sellers and thousands of realtors through our direct email campaigns.
  • The Shanna Day Team has full-time professional short sale negotiators with 95% success rate.
  • Shanna Day is in the top 5% of all Keller Williams Southwest States agents.

We'd love to hear from you:

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