34 Ways to Get Your Offer Accepted

1)   Offer above list price

2)   Have the buyer write an emotional letter stating why they want the property

3)   Ask the listing agent what they want to see in an acceptable offer

4)   Don’t bug the listing agent by calling hourly

5)   Offer to Pay cash and submit a verification of funds

6)   Offer substantial earnest monies.

7)   Make the earnest money non-refundable.

8)   Shorten inspection periods.

9)   Offer to Buy the Property AS IS

10)         Waive the Appraisal Contingency.

11)         Offer to Pay any HOA transfer fees

12)         Waive any qualifying contingencies

13)         Use the listing agents’ title company

14)         Have the buyer pay for the home warranty

15)         Don’t ask the seller for any buyer closing costs.

16)         Offer to help the seller move

17)         Be present when the offer is presented to seller

18)         Use an ‘escalation clause’ that outbids other offers.  Cap the increase & ceiling amounts.  Ask for a copy of the best offer.

19)         Ask the listing agent what other offers have been received and when they will be presented

20)         Be 25% more assertive than usual

21)         Get Listing Agent to craft offer for you.

22)         Offer Post Possession to Seller for a period of time.

23)         Ask, “Do Sellers Have Somewhere to Go?”  Help sellers with their schedules

24)         Don’t grill the short sale agent on how many loans, negotiation tactics etc.

25)         “Have it Your Way”… Ask the agent what it would take to get the deal done.

26)         Follow up using multiple methods, text, email, phone, card, etc.

27)         Send Thank You cards & make friends

28)         Ask What it would take to get the property and then follow up to see if it has changed before you submit the offer – submit before deadline.

29)         A 5% Conventional Loan beats a 3.5% FHA loan or 100% VA loan – even if they have to have the money “gifted” to them.

30)         Ask, “What besides Price does the seller want?  Could be COE date, Post Possession Agreement, Attached fixtures, washer/dryer/refrigerator, more earnest, money to move, etc.

31)         Offer a lease option – sometimes benefits seller to have income.

32)         Love the Seller Who is Home – connect with seller’s emotions.

33)         Make Clean offers – easy to close – easy to fund – no strings.

34)         Offer a free pizza a month for a year!




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